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sister utility, they are going to be here today. we have others coming from as far away as texas and florida and other states but it's going to be a slow go. now, we will get power back on. safety is paramount. please, if you see downed wires or things of that nature, stay away. but this restoration effort is going to take us into deep next -- or actually now this week. >> hey, rob, it's probably safe to say, first of all, your crews were out there working in the heat which is dangerous for them as well. but probably a lot of the folks that you have working may have lost power themselves. >> there's no may about it. there are many of our folks who have lost power and they will not get their power back, many of them, until the last group of customers. they understand it. it's very much like firefighters. when you put that gear on, and operating in these temperatures, these extreme temperatures, you're adding a good 20 or 30 degrees heat and it's a very, very slow go but also a very dangerous go. >> absolutely. and thank you so much for joining us. we're going to see you live in
his life. >> another victim, jessica gowkry was remembered in texas. her brother encouraged family and friends to turn the tragedy into something positive. >> coward could have done with this much hate, imagine how we can do with this much love. >> a 24-year-old aspiring sports broadcaster had narrowly escaped a shooting incident at a toronto mall less than two months before her tragic death. >> you're putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> a private service was held in crystal lake, illinois for john larimer, the 27-year-old navy petty officer received full military honors. a court document filed friday showed james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more was the patient of a university of colorado psychiatrist before the july 20th massacre. holmes is expected to be formally charged on monday. i'm melissa rainy reporting. >> an independent movie theater in maryland is donating a portion of its weekend proceeds to the victims of the massacre in colorado. according to the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2